How to Select a Marketing Company for Marketing Your Business

Finding the right online marketing agency can be a bit of a process, but its not difficult once you get started. Fortunately as the need for branding agencies grows, there are more marketing companies to choose from and they can all serve you well, if you know how to hire the right one. How can you find the marketing company in Austin who will be the best for your business?

1) Understand what you need – What are the problems that you need the marketing company in Austin to solve for you? Research the market and have a good idea of what kind of branding you are looking for before going to talk with someone. This will give an idea of the right questions to ask and the answers that you are looking for. This doesn’t mean that you should then be able to do the marketing yourself, it just puts you and your online marketer on a similar footing. You will have an idea of what you are looking for, what questions to ask and how to answer the questions the marketing agencies will ask in return.

2) Know your market and your clientele – This essentially means that you should know who your niche market is. That is, the kind of clientele that you currently appeal to and those you are hoping to appeal to. If you are not one hundred percent certain, the online marketing agency in Austin can help you hone it as needed. You will have a clearer idea after talking to a marketer, but remember, you are aiming your marketing somewhere specific and asking the agency for help to build a brand. When you want to find a marketing agency that will help you with a branding strategy, you are asking that agency to help you tell a story that your target market will enjoy.

3) Find an agency that matches your values – One of the things you are looking for when you are shopping for an online marketing agency in Austin, or your local area is that it matches your values. You are going to be working with the agency you choose for a long time, hopefully, and its a good idea to find an agency that will help you find your brand, and appeal to your clients, and not just use any tactics that may work in the short term, but drive customers away in the long run. This is why it is good to have a solid concept of who you are before you select a marketing company.

4) Ask others for advice – Once you have narrowed down the prospects, check their website and read their blogs to get to know them better. Ask other companies who have used this marketing company and you will have a good picture of how they work.

5) Look local – The agency is an online agency, and is producing an online product, but it is still a good idea to hire an agency familiar with the area where you, your business, and your clientele are. A marketing company in Austin can help because they are familiar with people and sensibilities of the people in Austin. A company that is local is easier to find information about and it can also cost less and be easier to deal with a local company, if possible. Plus, you are supporting the local economy and keeping money in the region.

6) Hire someone you feel comfortable with – Ask a lot of questions and talk as much as you can to the online marketing company in Austin, or your local area, that you choose to hire. There are questions to ask the company you consider, such as what kinds of tools they will be using, and how they are going to boost your online presence. If you are not comfortable asking questions then they won’t be the right agency for you.

7) Do they know their stuff? – Your search for the right online marketing agency should have given you a good deal of knowledge on what they should know. It will be easier now to find a reputable agency that keeps up with the trends and changes and knows how to help their clients with the big issues, as well as the little ones.

Tips for Making High Quality Corporate Film Production

If you have recently looked at any social media feed, you have probably noticed that video content is everywhere. According to Wordstream stats, marketers who use video, grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. Also, the stats show 87% of marketers use online video content which only points towards increasing competition in online video marketing.

To get higher conversions from video marketing, you need high-quality videos that successfully engage the audience and deliver the message. Here are some tips to note when you are seeking to create high-quality corporate film production and corporate video productions.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

Video production is complicated and time-consuming. It is not something you can do by simply buying a camera. There are a number of factors that go into a well produced corporate video production including; lighting, sound capture, framing of shots, and strategic storytelling, and a well produced edit with professional software — all of that will lead to the production of high quality corporate films that capture your story.

If your business is not related to video production, it would be hard to arrange all the tools and equipment in one place on a schedule. By hiring professional film production companies in NYC, you get freedom from all worries related to professional tools and resources as it is their responsibility to arrange for everything needed for video production – and best of all a professional corporate video producer can draw on years of experience to showcase your business.

Know Your Target Audience

When you are creating a corporate film, you need to know about the target audience well. For example, if you are offering plumbing products or services, your target audience would be property owners; both commercial and residential.

Your promotional video needs to have a strategic approach. The video needs to be specific on how it will help or improve the life of your target consumer. Give your ideal client a character and tailor the storyboard and message to the requirements of your brand; which will result in a well-produced and on-message corporate video production that you can use to market your business

Pick a Purpose

Your video needs to have a specific purpose. If the video is for the “About Us” page, it should speak about your company and services and products you offer. If you try to craft too many messages in a single corporate video, you are more likely to lose the audience. If you are not specific about the purpose, you lose the opportunity to connect with customers.

The message should be summarized within a few sentences to make the video work for you. Try to keep the message simple as possible; the better you have defined your message the more effective it will be.

Get Creative

Not all videos are created equal. You need to work on creating something original by flexing creative muscle. Discuss different concepts and storyboards with the video production company and analyze which stories are the strongest. For example, if you are looking to recruit, you can create videos involving big company advocates rather than showing people working quietly.

If your business is connected to a niche that is related to daily life, find a way to demonstrate the connection between products and daily struggle in the lives of the target audience. Talk to your video production company how you can turn your company’s experiences into interesting customer experiences. The key is to be creative when creating professional videos.

Pay Attention to Detail

No matter which professional video production company you hire, you should pay attention to every aspect of video production. Ultimately, you must be the one to point at little things that can improve the quality of the video. For this, you need to take ownership in the video production work from the beginning.

Further, try to select a video production company that has a trusted and experienced corporate video producer – somebody who understands branding and will focus on the details to ensure that your production is a success.

Focus on Establishing Emotional Connection

The corporate film should strive to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Listing benefits of the company products can be great but you need to also look for a way to strike a deeper emotional connection with your audience.

Telling a story is the right way to achieve both objectives; highlighting benefits of products and striking an emotional connection with your audience. The video should be a visual story that embodies human challenges and the experience you create should resonate with the needs of the customer.

Don’t Tell, Show

Customers tend to consume visual content more easily than text and audio. Instead of listing benefits of your products and services in the video, show your product and service and help the audience relate to the benefits.

Follow the above tips to create high-quality videos and experience increase in leads conversion. Always remember that a poor quality video will not help you achieve anything and will only be a wasteful expenditure.

Market Segmentation: The Art of Finding Opportunity

Market segmentation has become so rampant, especially in the online retail sector, that most businesses don’t even think twice about whether to use it or how to go about it. So many companies rely on segmentation to target their communications—whether through email, online ads, targeted social media posts or traditional mail—in an attempt to provide customers with the information they want and need.

For many companies, these segments look essentially the same. Customers are targeted by the same type of basic demographic information no matter what products the company is selling or what services they’re offering.

But with the marketing segmentation tools available today, there is no need to follow the same path as your competitors—or any other businesses—when creating your market segments. Market segmentation is all about finding opportunities to reach and expand your audience in ways that are unique to your business. So before you start targeting ads by gender and marital status, start thinking about other ways you can segment.

Market Segmentation the Old-Fashioned Way

Traditional market segmentation is all about basic demographic information. Gender, location, marital status, family size, and of course, previous purchases. Though this information can be helpful in some instances, it barely scratches the surface of what’s possible with market segmentation, and it ignores the fact that your customers’ lives and interests revolve around so much more than what their gender is. People are much deeper and more interesting than that!

Find Opportunities to Create Useful Market Segments

Of course, there is no one right way to create market segments—and that’s a great thing! There is so much information available that allows you to cater segments to your specific business. Are you marketing for a performance venue? Stop relying on an old-fashioned market segmentation model that tells you rock shows should be marketed to men and ballets to women. You have much more sophisticated information at your fingertips now, so you don’t need to rely on stereotypes. Try social media marketing based on the bands, movies, and entertainers people are interacting with on their accounts. Instead of trying to sell clothing by age information, target ads based on the brands people are following on social media. These methods are simple but nuanced, and they create opportunities for much more detailed market segments.

Use Market Segmentation to Identify Opportunities

Sometimes it works the other way around, too. Sometimes, as you create market segments, you will notice sub-segments within each segment, or you will find that certain segments share certain habits that you didn’t expect. When analyzing your market segmentation information, don’t just check to see if each segment is buying what you thought they’d buy, or behaving as you hoped they would; comb through to see if they’re showing other consistent interests. This might open the door to new segmentation opportunities.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

The best part about abandoning traditional segmentation in favor of a more unique and personalized model is that it favors what works, rather than what has always been done. This means that, if you have tried to segment your audience in a certain way and it doesn’t seem to be yielding the results you want, or any results at all, you don’t have to stick with it. Market segmentation is all about creating and identifying opportunity, so you’re free to abandon anything that has no use to you and start again with something that works better for your business. It’s all about trial and error.

Evaluate Your Success

When it comes to market segmentation, its important to regularly evaluate your success. The first step is to determine what success looks like to you: maybe it’s a certain percentage of pickup on an email offer. Maybe it’s the reach of an ad. Success will look different to each business, so really think about what’s important to you.

Once you’ve defined what success is to your business, find ways to measure that at regular intervals. Continue with practices that work and adjust ones that don’t.

Market segmentation is more than just targeting emails based on demographics. It’s all about digging deep into the information that’s available to you and turning it into opportunities for your business and for your customers.

How can Print and Mail Service Help Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Print and mail services offer that much needed authenticity to the mails you send out to your target audiences. Even in direct mails, there is a threat of mails going straight to trash box which no marketer or business wants.  Every business wants the recipient to open and read the message contained in the mail, in fact, they want the reader to take the necessary action, as well!

Increase your direct mail response rates with highly creative and effective solutions for print and mail services; such printing services help you create your own custom mails with creative and attractive designs, styles, fonts and more.  Increase the average response rate for your direct mail campaigns with such highly customized print services. You can customize any mail product from post cards to flyers, brochures, and catalogs to create an impact on the recipients and give them an impression that the mail contains information specific to their needs.

Print and mail services help you print a huge number of mails with high levels of customization for each individual recipient. For example, you can create mail-merged letters with custom messages and information as determined by you and for each individual mail you can have the separate return address of your local office for the given recipient location. In addition, with the help of variable printing and pre-defined rules and conditions, you can create highly customized texts, images, graphs for each set of mails or even for each individual mail based on the promotion or campaign.

Print and mail services solutions offer great quality, highly personalized printing services that stand out from the rest and grabs the attention of the recipient. Most of the mail that your recipient receives goes to trash, as an average recipient does not have the time or the patience to go through the heap of marketing literature they receive. Quality print services understand this and makes sure that your mail campaign has effective print material that looks highly personalized that addresses the recipient’s issues.

The Direct mail has several benefits over other medium of advertisement such as television, radio, etc., as you can specifically target your audience and send them your customized message, which offers a higher brand awareness and possibly higher sales. Print and mail services help direct mail towards this goal by creating attention grabbing print material with greater levels of personalization to send out to the recipients. Such material stands out from the junk mail and attract the eye of the recipients forcing them to open the mail, read it, and take an action that you want them to take.

How to Choose the Best Print and Mail Service Company:

Whether you run a small business or a bigger one, print and mail services offer great help in taking your business – products and services – closer to your target audience. Direct mail is still one of the most powerful mediums of advertisement in the digital era; in fact, it has gained strength from these new technologies.

Where the highly technical forms of advertisement for radio, television to the most recent internet may not guarantee to your brand visibility and brand awareness, direct mail has the power to offer your brand that much needed visibility, as your mail goes straight into the hands of your target market. It becomes extremely important that you compel your audience to open the mail, read the message, and take that final step, the action that you want them to take!

Print and mail services solutions that understand how to create an attractive mail that looks highly customized and stands out from the heap of mail that your target customers receive helps you achieve a greater return on your investment.

Chose a Print and Mail services company that offers greater levels of customization for your mail, with the ability to include custom images, text on single page, multiple pages, documents, etc., including customization in terms of address according to the recipient’s demographics plays an important role in the success of your direct mail campaign.

Print and mail services that can help you with any kind of material that you need from post cards to flyers, brochures, booklets, catalogs, stickers and more! You can also customize messages with stylish and beautiful hand addressing fonts, calligraphy and more, so print and mail services offer very attractive first look to your direct mail. Print and mail services that require low minimum order will suit businesses of any size and a campaign of any budget.

Six Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Successful

Direct mail marketing is one of the effective and inexpensive ways to get leads for your business. According to CMO Council, this marketing tool has better response than email marketing- 25% versus 23%.

The CMO Council findings  also reveal that direct mail leads to higher rates of customer acquisition i.e. 34% in comparison to other marketing methods. Thus, there is no doubt that direct mailing service, as a marketing  tool, can bring predictable leads into your sales pipeline every week. But the question is how to get customers interested in your business through this marketing strategy? So, we present you with six tips to make your direct mail marketing campaign successful.

Six Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Successful

1.  Know Your Target Audience

The success of your direct mail marketing greatly depends on the mailing list. Knowing your best customers is the key in targeted marketing. A good mailing list will have the list of prospects who could genuinely be interested in your services or products. Sending mailers to random people is waste of time and money. You can start building a mailing list with basic demographics such as age, location, profession, and purchase behavior. Their lifestyle habits provide a  base for your lead selection and the messages you need to use for communication.

2.  Follow-up Sequence of Mailings

If you do not follow-up with your leads at regular intervals, you are making a big mistake. A study conducted by the Association of Sales Executives showed that 81% of all sales happen on or after the fifth contact. Without a proper sequence of follow-up mail, the prospective customer will not even remember your brand. The follow-up process should be systematic and done in the same way every time.

3.  Collect Swipe Files

A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven marketing letters. Develop a habit of collecting marketing material that looks attractive. You can also write down good marketing ideas and use it in next mailers. If you are not able to think of any good idea for your next mailing campaign, you can use the marketing ideas from swipe file in your collection.

4.  Track Leads

Tracking the leads lifecycle can help you identify stages where optimizations are necessary. This also helps you know at what stage of the sales process was the lead generated. You can start lead tracking by mentioning different call back numbers in the direct mail campaign. Another way of tracking leads is to ask the customer how he/she got information about your business.

5.  Write Catchy Headlines

Headlines used in a direct mail marketing campaign can make or break your business. People are bombarded with advertisings from different mediums on a regular basis. So you should write catchy headlines that attract attention of your prospect. You need to write a headline that is not easy to ignore. It should be interesting enough to make the user want to open the envelope and read the offer.

You can use different headlines in your direct mailing service campaign to test what works best. You can have a heading at the beginning of a letter different from the one on your brochure. If you are using a postcard, one attractive heading is more than enough.

6.  Tailor Content to Influence Customer

When you refer a person by his/her name, it demands attention. The scope of personalization is limitless in direct mailing service. You can personalize every piece of direct mail campaign by using the information you have. For example, if the customer bought peanut butter, you can mention it when offering jelly.  For greater amount of personalization, you need to get as much information as possible about your prospect/customer in order to give them better offers.

The above given tips will ensure you get a better ROI from your direct mail campaign. Do not expect overnight success, be patient and put in your best efforts to make your marketing campaign a success.
So, how do you plan to make your direct mail marketing ( success now? Have you explored any of the strategies mentioned above? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

Using Custom Postcards to Advertise Your Business

Direct mail marketing is still going strong in this digital era. With the majority of the businesses getting attracted towards digital marketing, there is less competition in direct mail which helps your business stand out. As per CMO Council statistics, 54% postcards are read by recipients. Thus, there is no doubt custom postcards can bring in good business when used with a good mailing list.

Today’s customer demand higher level of personalization than before. As per the study conducted by J&C, 2 out of 3 consumers prefer personalized communication over non-personalized mass communications. Now that you know customized direct mail can bring better success. Here are some tips that will tell you how to use custom postcards to advertise your business.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Combining two forms of marketing can bring you surprising results. Postcard-to-website is one of the effective marketing techniques used today. With high readability score, postcard is efficient in delivering message to the targeted user. The URL of your website can be mentioned on the postcard. If the offer on the postcard is attractive enough, there are more chances of the reader visitng your website to claim the offer.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals are like social currency. We have a habit of recommending quality companies and products to others. One of the effective ways to get leads is by offering referral discounts to customers. Many companies offer special discount to both the customer giving the referral and the new lead.

Word of mouth publicity is the best advertising for any business. You can send a postcard to your existing customers asking them to recommend your products and services to people they know and get discounts for every referral.

Thank-you Cards

Good manners can give you an opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful way. A thank-you postcard in a business is similar to the expressing gratitude to people. Besides making your customer feel valued, a thank-you card also opens doors for repeat business and helps build a strong relationship with the customer.


The newsletter you send need not be four pages long. Instead, you can send a postcard newsletter with 3-4 important items related to your business and customer. You can print two items on the front and one at the back to make it look less cluttered and for better impact.

Include a Credible Testimonial

When using postcards for advertising your business, honesty is the best policy to follow. You can print a credible testimonial of a person who can be found online so that your customers know it’s real. Testimonials vouch for the value you add to your customers. It helps in building trust in your company and people will most likely recommend your business to their network as well.

Don’t Make it Look Like an Ad

Postcard may look like a typical ad if you don’t design it well. But you don’t need to overdo it. So, while designing your postcard, avoid using too many graphics. The postcard should look like as it is a message from an old friend. You can use fonts that are similar to handwriting and use a custom message for the prospect/customer.Thus, you need to be cautious in custom postcard printing and designing.

Using Custom Postcards to Advertise Your Business

Use Images Intelligently

To get the recipient’s attention, display an outrageous photo on side A which will compel the reader to take a look at side B to read the offer. You can display a person’s image who has benefited from your product. Try using the picture in an emotional or a fun setting with an attractive headline.

Postcards are the best marketing tools for your business as the content appears in front of the eyes. The success of the postcard advertising campaign depends on two things – a good mailing list and your offer. Effective printing service of custom postcards is also important for its success. You need to put in best efforts to make a persuasive copy and make your postcard attractive to boost response rate.

So, how do you use postcards to advertise your business? Have you explored any of the strategies mentioned above? Do you have any questions or tips to share? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

Hand Addressed Envelopes – Grab Attention of Your Customers

Do you remember when last you wrote a hand-written letter?

Do you remember when last you received a hand-addressed envelope, a handwritten letter or a card with genuine handwriting?

It is almost extinct and hard to find these days in our mailboxes. However, this claims to be one of the most effective marketing tools.

With so much buzz in the marketplace, it is tough to reach your target audience. Customers are often showered with emails, voicemails, blogs, podcast, radio ads, print ads and various other messages which seem boring.

So, how will you make your business stand out from the crowd?

How are you going to make your organization memorable with unique marketing efforts?

To grab attention, build customer loyalty and improve your ROI, you could consider an envelope addressing service as part of your direct mail marketing strategy.

Hand Addressed Envelopes - Grab Attention of Your Customers

Here are some of the popular reasons why you should use real handwriting in your next marketing plan.

The Best Way to Save Your Mails from Seeing the “Trash”

If you send a mail, you will likely spend a lot of time to create the perfect message. But, if your letter sees the trash before it is even opened, the letter will become useless.

To increase the chances of someone opening your envelope, actually write the address on the envelope. Real handwriting has become less prevalent in the digital age, so a handwritten envelope is sure to grab the attention of your customers and it increases the chances of them opening the mail by 300%.

Tell the Customers How Important They Are

When someone pulls out a card from his or her mailbox, it is sure to make that person feel special. Real handwriting further makes your customer know that they are important to your business.

Simply sharing a laser printer name from the database fails to work compared to real handwriting. A handwritten letter shows that you have taken the time to pick up a pen to write the customer’s personal information.

Give More than What Your Customer Expects

Real handwritten mail is a genuine surprise for a customer, as it shows how much you value him or her. Chances are that your competitors might not use real handwriting in their marketing campaigns and some might even rely on email or bulk mail.

However, you can be a little warmer in your approach by sending personal handwritten messages to your targeted audience.

Spend Money Wisely in Your Marketing Plans

There are many ways to spend millions of dollars on marketing. So, the challenge lies in using the marketing mix that generates results without breaking the bank.

That is why handwritten mail is one of the most effective marketing tools; it can increase the chances of your mail being opened and read by a larger percentage of people. Direct mail responses are also higher which means the ROI will be greater.

Stand Out from the Crowd on Holidays and Special Occasions

Do you not think that it is fun to address your customers on their birthdays?

The minute they see the card, they know that it is meant for them. Special occasions are thus the best way to connect with your customers.

If you are able to keep a tab on your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion, you should consider sending them a handwritten card.

For example, if a customer has used your service one year ago. The perfect way to send him or her a reminder is by dropping a handwritten card.

Even during the holidays, such as on thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Easter or Women’s Day, a handwritten card would be preferred by your customers.

It has that personal touch which other marketing strategies ( miss out on. People everywhere feel great when they learn that they are more than just a name on your database.

So, are you ready to add new color to your marketing plan? Do you want to reach more customers and increase the chance of your mail being opened by 300%? Well, then pick up a pen and personalize the mail you send out with real handwriting. It will grab your customers’ attention faster than emails or bulk mail and will improve your marketing chances dramatically, since it is more personal.

Let Your Customers Take Your Brand on the Go with Promotional Travel Mugs

Inject your brand loyalty into your customers with stylish, sophisticated mugs every time they sip coffee, water using your promotional mugs! Personalized travel mugs with your brand name, image can help your marketing and branding efforts and create a positive impact on your clients.

Pens, Bags, Tees though have promotional uses; travel mugs are unique in the sense that they have extensive usage from sipping water, to coffee – hot or cold – from the time one wakes up, until he/she retires for day!

Gifting these cute mugs with your company’s logo, image, or the tagline or slogan of your company to travelling executives, to client’s, to your customers will help you take your brand to places. China travel mugs those are lightweight, strong have now become great ambassadors of your brand. These mugs ooze style, and can win the hearts of an amateur to a professional alike!

There are many reasons why these promotional travel mugs ( have become such a rage in the brand-marketing field. Some of those reasons are:

•  Billboards on the GO: Portable and stylish customized travel mugs function as walking billboards with travelling executives, customers using these great brand promotion tools wherever they go.

•  Brand awareness: Custom made with your brand logo, image, and text printed on these cups these travel mugs create great awareness about your brand every time someone hold them.

•  Perfect Corporate Gifts: Anyone who steps in to any office get to see a stylish coffee, water mug on the desk of almost every employee. They are perfect gifts to motivate your employees and to promote brand loyalty among internal and external customers of an organization! Instead of a calendar, pen or a scribbling pad, a promotional travel mug is a much-cherished gift for your employees, and customers.

•  Highly Functional: Promotional travel mugs on the desk of your employees, or in the hands of travel executives, business clients, or end users serve multiple purposes. Apart from using these mugs for the much-needed coffee break, these beautiful and stylish mugs have high functionality serving as penholders, paperweights, or giving a visual feast when used as flower vases.

•  Highly Customizable: These insulated travel mugs come in variety of shape, sizes, and design, what more; you can even customize them as per your specific needs to project your company’s image, mission, values, products, or services! You can chose mugs made of ceramic, plastic, glass or any other material on which your particular design looks great!

•  Long Life: Unlike other corporate gifts or promotional material such as pens, bags, calendars, scribbling pads a travel mug has a longer life. It stays on the desk of your employee or in the hands of business partner, client or your end customer for a much longer period than any other promotional material that is available on the market today! A research shows that travel mugs have a longer life meaning that your brand name, logo will be on display for that period.

•  Suitable for businesses of all sizes and shapes: The costs of a branding, marketing campaign with customized travel mugs are relatively lower when compared to any other traditional or other method of promoting. The lower costs, investments encourages small, medium, large businesses to try this form of branding, as a matter of fact, many companies have tried this method and have seen the great benefits this form of branding offers.

Highly functional promotional Travel mugs when gifted to employees or clients make them feel valued; especially personalized mugs with their names printed on these products add great value and bring more customer loyalty. They may cost a little more than other promotional products such as pens, calendars, etc., but add great value with their highly functional nature and also being highly durable, lasting for a longer period than any other promotional products.  As such, you can reap great returns on investment made on the travel mugs.

Promotional travel mugs with the right design, great, latest style, and robust built can definitely help promote your business image greatly. Businesses of all sizes and shapes have used travel mugs to promote and take their brand closer to the target audience, proves that this a time tested and proven way of branding your business! Without a doubt, travel mugs relieves the stress of executives when used to sip coffee, but gives your brand the much-needed stress, emphasis!

Variable Data Printing – How it Benefits Your Business?

The important role that variable data printing (VDP) plays in business communication often remains underestimated. In these days when customizing emails according to the recipient’s expectation and responsiveness has widely been regarded as a smart business move, there are not too many viable alternatives to variable data printing for achieving that. Variable data printing lets your direct mail pieces get segmented and customized as per the interest and typical personality attributes of the recipient.

For businesses this has been perceived as a wonder tool for achieving higher responsiveness and effect through a direct mail marketing initiative.  But personalizing business mail and making business appeal to the interest of the mail recipients is just one major side of the benefits. There are too many other aspects as well. From allowing businesses utilizing customized URLs and QR codes to offering more attention grabbing effect through your email, variable data printing offers an array of surprising benefits.

Variable data printing by allowing the business to make use of personalized URLs and QR codes it facilitates easy and innovative way of customer interaction with the business brand. In one way, this makes the customer experience better and on the other hand, this result in strong customer relations that will further provide a boost to ROI and other business specific outcomes. Moreover, by these personalized measures the business can effectively measure and track response rate from the mail recipients and customers. These days when measuring responsiveness is an important attribute to ensure effective business analytics, variable printing services can really play a major role.

Variable data printing for some time grabbed the attention of email marketers for its huge potential in customizing and personalizing to reap an array of business benefits. Through this tool you can now draw more attention to your emails and make them appealing to your target customers and audience. Let us now have a quick look at some of the key business benefits of variable printing.

1.  A boost to business return by the use of mail listing data

The mail list tells a lot about prospects and the places they stay, their social positions, occupation and other personality attributes, he can customize the mails to grab more attention and garner effective results and to do this variable data printing ( can be a great tool. You can create a custom mail copy and information as per the recipient’s interest and other personality traits. By adjusting the mail information as per data like where people live, their marital status, their profession, etc. You can make your marketing address more accurate as far as grabbing their interest is concerned. If making the mail more relevant and appealing is your objective, then variable data printing is the right tool to achieve that.

2.  Customizing the return address and business phone number

For some recipients offering nearby return address or more location specific contact details is important. A business can have several offices or stores and now while driving mail marketing campaign give attention for offering them information regarding stores and locations that are close to the recipient’s address or preferred by him. In this way, you can offer your customers different contact points, contactable persons and phone numbers and thus as a whole can increase the chances of responsiveness. Variable printing just lets you achieve this by offering customization in contact information as well.

3.  Using custom fonts and stylization to grab more attention

Thanks to variable printing data each and every different recipient name, address and other information on the mailing list can be printed with separate fonts. This provides each mail a customized tailor made look and furthermore, with the addition of customized stylization the mail looks very personal and eye catching. With the separate font and design scheme accompanying each mail it creates a corporate identity and make recipients feel as more attended by the sender of the business mail.

4.  Using color to your advantage

By utilizing color shades effectively in the print layout and in the copy you can further make the mail more interesting for the eyes. Regular black and white printing color often does not create any impression at first look just that looks too common. On the other hand, appropriate use of color not only just touches the vision, but it can also effectively complement the brand identity. Using color wisely you can also highlight certain important parts of your mail and can grab quick attention to some necessary parts.

5.  Now incorporating images and maps becomes easier

Thanks to the freedom of customization provided by variable data printing services you can now incorporate images and local maps to your mails to the advantage of your recipient. You can incorporate images that are more relevant to the respective recipient and can offer local map of the store as per the location of the mail recipient.

Why You Should Be Taking Advantage of Direct Mail Services

Be focused towards the direct mailing needs & services that your organization demands! Services ranging from newsletter printing to direct mailers for fundraising, now a days there are well developed with direct mailing services. Why do your own particular printing and mailing, go ahead and take the advantage of these expert services and save your precious money & treasured time. Take the benefit from the low cost printing and mailing administrations that can easily handle regular direct mail requirements. Fruitful fundraising mailers, is based on the establishment of testing and measuring. In the event that you need to convey a certain letter to 100,000 prospects, first test the letter on 5,000 prospects arbitrarily. In the event that it is beneficial in the test, it will probably be productive for the entire rundown.

Tailor made to your needs!

Following a very straightforward way to deal with direct mail services and marketing services. The proficient and skillful direct mail service providers, work with an endeavor to make compelling & customized mail pieces that get high rate of response. You should always work with an objective to make your direct mail marketing ( simple & advantageous. Effective enough to surpass the ordinary, the mailing crusades must be very focused and efficient, so that they reap really good results. Regular direct mail for fundraising, attracts new givers or individuals and also educates, develops, resolicits and also overhaul the level of their commitments. The utilization of proficient and regular direct mailing for fundraising, designed by specialists, has always seen a vast rise in the quantities of prospects or benefactors. Each direct mailer or newsletter should exhibit extraordinary qualities, convictions, and inclinations.

Converting raw data to precise information!

The direct mail service providers, now offer dexterous newsletter printing and direct mailing services, for all sorts of organizations. From little to moderate size organizations that have constrained time and cash flow to put into advertising undertakings, are duly helped, supported and given adept services. Let your newsletters and direct mailers, not let go unnoticed. In fact, through focused and regular postal mailers showcasing the true brand essence, clear communication and amazing pictorial or graphic presentation of information, the organizations can actually deliver their thoughts to the consumers in an effortless and flawless manner. Post, perceiving the difficulties and all major critical aspects of direct mailing services, the proficient squad that offers skillfully crafted direct mailing material are very trustworthy and effective solution for all your mail marketing needs. Offering the best of communication & marketing collaterals that are not just different, but are also very useful pieces of information. Stating what is actually required in the most presentable and efficient manner.

Proficient services by the experienced squad!

Very moderate and reliable, the direct mail service providers are very adept and play a major role in making your direct mailers, a huge success. The direct mail need to be tailored and each newsletter must be printed as per the organization’s individual needs and penchants. Thus, the professional direct mailer and newsletter printing services can be utilized efficiently, as per your personal choice and the necessities of your organization. The skillful work of printing custom newsletters and postcards is evident in the response generated by your valuable customers. Exceeding your expectations and requirements, the capacity of the dexterous service providers is obvious in the profitability rate generated by your direct mailing campaign. Also offering the best of mailer printing techniques, this further enhances the look, feel and complete essence of the newsletter.

Right solution for all your printing needs!

Complete concentrate on enhancing the techniques for printing, the direct mail service providers offer amazing printing solutions. From hand crafted newsletters to machine printed, these are meant to achieve your organization’s long haul development goals. Offering the basic requirements, like mail-consolidating data into a newsletter to direct mailing postcards et al, the professional services create amazing marketing marvel. The newsletter that contains pictures, logos, brand value and other important date that is expected to communicate, what you want to, also makes way for an appropriate response. Offering brilliant ideas that generate effective collaterals.

The Benefits of Direct Marketing

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Non-Profits: How to Raise Funds with Direct Mail

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