A Guide to Weibo Advertising

Weibo is often considered as Twitter in the West. However, by fact, it is much evolved in respect to Twitter since Weibo advertising enables you to send long posts ( amazingly of 10,000 characters), add videos, images and make your post customized.

Why Should Include Weibo Adverting in Your Digital Marketing Plan

  • Counts over 550 million users;
  • 186 million + active users / month;
  • Male and Female engagement ratio 1:1 (approx);
  • 82% of Weibo users buy online;
  • Weibo account holders include Cream-of-the-crop foreign companies like L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Unilever, or Coca-Cola to millions of corporate, medium to small enterprises;

Find Your Most Suitable Weibo Advertising

Weibo offers four exclusive classes of advertising options for individuals and commercial houses. The range of choice enables users to decide which Weibo advertisement is the perfect fit for them, depending on their purpose of advertising, budget, and expectations.

Display Ads

Optimized for all digital mediums including PC, laptop, and mobile phones, display ads are put on view on Weibo homepage akin to banners in dissimilar dimensions. As users click on certain ads, they are automatically directed to the marketer/advertiser’s homepage. Display Ads pricings depend on three aspects; page positioning, size and search keywords.  

  • Weibo Search Engine Promotion

The search engine promotion is a brilliant advertising option for building brand image. Practically, in order to get quality traffic that has interest on your product or services, it’s a matchless product promotional tool. While display ad drives the traffic to advertiser’s web page, WSEP boosts visibility of the brand. The search bar on Weibo site always remains pre-arranged with diversity of search items, terming them as ‘hot topics’ ‘ trending topics’, which takes special attention of users. The cost of advertisement depends typically on the demand of the keywords you opt for promoting.

  • Fan Headline 

Also called as FANSTOP, Fan Headline offers efficient and fastest promotion of Weibo headline posts and accounts column based on regular updates to target audience. It has three types of headline advertising systems

  • Posts

When you look for large number of viewers for your Weibo post, Fun headline for posts is an ideal advertising choice for you. It post appears ‘on at the top’ of users feeds within next 24 hours of posting. The advantageous point of post is apart from your existing business followers, you can opt for reaching the prospective followers linked with the existing class and having interest on your product/services.

Thus, if you are promoting a post on home décor, Fan Headline will pick up users interested in home decorate related posts not only from existing circle, but follower links and the industry. The cost for posting in ‘Fan Headline for Posts’ varies in accordance with the followers’ base. Once your post is successfully promoted, you will see post signals like ‘Promoted’, ‘Hot’ of ‘Recommended’ in Chinese.

  • Others’ Posts

It’s relatively similar to ‘Post’ excepting that, it allows your post to display in other’s followers feed making it advantageous for business promotion. With this, you can get your campaign or posting displayed in KOL’s follower list by paying more, on opting for the services.

  • Accounts

It’s another great advertising tool from Weibo to bring all possible followers connected with your existing list of followers. To expand one’s market reach with increased consumers, choosing fun headline for accounts’ service is ideal.

Fan Headline advertisement rate is determined in accordance with the number of followers engaging with your post also refers to Cost per Engagement or CPE. All form of effective interaction from target audience including clicks, likes, comments, reposts are taken into consideration. CPE ranges from 0.01 RMB to 0.5 per engagement.

  • Fan Tunnels

Fan tunnel is a specially focused and a tactful way to add new consumers in your clientele. In essence, the advertising service engages entire Weibo community apart from your existing followers only. It will put your post at the top of targeted audience news feeds, defined in terms of gender, age, region or hobbies and etc.

For fun tunnel cost is calculated based on Cost per Mille also refers to CPM which considers the amount of account/ post/ and exposures you receive from audience. Per exposure the minimum price is 0.01 which beings from 0.5 RMB.