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Four Reasons to Use Grand Opening Banners

For a new business, the grand opening is a very important event. It is critical to start out on the right path. If you can let the public know about your grand opening, it can bring excitement, attention, and revenue to your business.

But if people are not aware that there will be a grand opening, they will not attend. Imagine the terrible situation where you prepare for a grand opening and there are not many customers.

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Let Your Customers Take Your Brand on the Go with Promotional Travel Mugs

Inject your brand loyalty into your customers with stylish, sophisticated mugs every time they sip coffee, water using your promotional mugs! Personalized travel mugs with your brand name, image can help your marketing and branding efforts and create a positive impact on your clients.

Pens, Bags, Tees though have promotional uses; travel mugs are unique in the sense that they have extensive usage from sipping water, to coffee – hot or cold – from the time one wakes up, until he/she retires for day!

Gifting these cute mugs with your company’s logo, image, or the tagline or slogan of your company to travelling executives, to client’s, to your customers will help you take your brand to places. China travel mugs those are lightweight, strong have now become great ambassadors of your brand. These mugs ooze style, and can win the hearts of an amateur to a professional alike!

There are many reasons why these promotional travel mugs ( have become such a rage in the brand-marketing field. Some of those reasons are:

•  Billboards on the GO: Portable and stylish customized travel mugs function as walking billboards with travelling executives, customers using these great brand promotion tools wherever they go.

•  Brand awareness: Custom made with your brand logo, image, and text printed on these cups these travel mugs create great awareness about your brand every time someone hold them.

•  Perfect Corporate Gifts: Anyone who steps in to any office get to see a stylish coffee, water mug on the desk of almost every employee. They are perfect gifts to motivate your employees and to promote brand loyalty among internal and external customers of an organization! Instead of a calendar, pen or a scribbling pad, a promotional travel mug is a much-cherished gift for your employees, and customers.

•  Highly Functional: Promotional travel mugs on the desk of your employees, or in the hands of travel executives, business clients, or end users serve multiple purposes. Apart from using these mugs for the much-needed coffee break, these beautiful and stylish mugs have high functionality serving as penholders, paperweights, or giving a visual feast when used as flower vases.

•  Highly Customizable: These insulated travel mugs come in variety of shape, sizes, and design, what more; you can even customize them as per your specific needs to project your company’s image, mission, values, products, or services! You can chose mugs made of ceramic, plastic, glass or any other material on which your particular design looks great!

•  Long Life: Unlike other corporate gifts or promotional material such as pens, bags, calendars, scribbling pads a travel mug has a longer life. It stays on the desk of your employee or in the hands of business partner, client or your end customer for a much longer period than any other promotional material that is available on the market today! A research shows that travel mugs have a longer life meaning that your brand name, logo will be on display for that period.

•  Suitable for businesses of all sizes and shapes: The costs of a branding, marketing campaign with customized travel mugs are relatively lower when compared to any other traditional or other method of promoting. The lower costs, investments encourages small, medium, large businesses to try this form of branding, as a matter of fact, many companies have tried this method and have seen the great benefits this form of branding offers.

Highly functional promotional Travel mugs when gifted to employees or clients make them feel valued; especially personalized mugs with their names printed on these products add great value and bring more customer loyalty. They may cost a little more than other promotional products such as pens, calendars, etc., but add great value with their highly functional nature and also being highly durable, lasting for a longer period than any other promotional products.  As such, you can reap great returns on investment made on the travel mugs.

Promotional travel mugs with the right design, great, latest style, and robust built can definitely help promote your business image greatly. Businesses of all sizes and shapes have used travel mugs to promote and take their brand closer to the target audience, proves that this a time tested and proven way of branding your business! Without a doubt, travel mugs relieves the stress of executives when used to sip coffee, but gives your brand the much-needed stress, emphasis! read more