Five Major Points You Need to Consider Before Hiring A White Label SEO Agency

SEO has become complex over time. Not every digital marketing agency or web developer has the resources to offer full-fledged SEO services. The solution to this problem is using a white label SEO agency which offers 100% re-brandable SEO services.

However, you need an SEO agency that meets your client needs and also optimizes your client’s website within Google guidelines. So we have made a list of points to consider before hiring a white label services provider.

1. What Is Their Experience?

As you explore the options, you would find a long list of white label services provider offering comprehensive SEO packages. Working with an established white label service provider has some definite benefits.

Before you hire any SEO agency, study their background, the number of years they have been in the business, and their experience. Once you have gathered this information, visit their blog and website to know about their clients and work record that would establish their credibility.

2. Look Closer at the Portfolio

Portfolio presents you with a good opportunity to judge the agency’s capability. You need to look at their projects and get some useful insights that show their success rate of optimizing and ranking websites on search engines.

Look for past and current client references and testimonials in the portfolio. If the SEO agency is really an expert in the field, it would have many reviews dispersed on the Internet. Also look for affiliations, memberships, and alliances the agency has which would tell you a lot about their credibility.

3. What SEO Services They Provide?

The SEO services offered by the agency is an important factor when making the decision. SEO is a multi-faceted task. You need to first determine the SEO services your clients need and then see whether the SEO Reseller program meets your client’s requirements. Some of the services that are generally offered by a white label SEO agency are:

· Website Audits
· Local SEO optimization
· Link building
· keyword research and optimization
· Onsite optimization and more.

You need to look for an SEO agency that is ready to offer customized services to your clients which would also help reduce unnecessary costs. Another important factor to consider is to ensure the services offered are competitive and affordable. If your company is not earning any real bucks by offering full-fledged services, there is no point in expanding business and putting in so many efforts.

4. Go for a Trial Service

It is obvious that you would want the SEO agency to deliver successful results for your clients. You can check the effectiveness of their SEO strategies by asking for a trial period before signing any deal with them. You can check and use the tools and resources they use.

You can assign the SEO agency some keywords to target and see how they work with them and achieve results. The trial can be useful to confirm they are worth hiring.

5. Make Sure They Are Always Available for Assistance

Communication is an important factor in any business partnership or deal. In the outsourced SEO business model, a lot depends on effective communication between the seller and the buyer. When you are using white label SEO services, you are standing between your client and the SEO reseller.

If your clients ask any question about SEO services, you would be passing that message to the SEO reseller. In that case, it is necessary that the white label service provider has an efficient customer support system in place to handle all queries without any delay.

Besides availability, the SEO agency should also share a periodic communication with your company about project status. If there is any problem in communication, it would be difficult for your company to manage things that would ultimately lead to losing valuable clients.

SEO is a must-have service to expand your digital marketing or web development business. The above tips would help you select a good white label SEO agency that is honest and transparent about how SEO works and give you good results.

Do you know any other tips that would help select the right SEO reseller? Please feel free to comment.