Five Reasons to Hire WeChat Marketing Agency

WeChat developed initially as a messaging app now offers multiple features such as QR code scanning, games, voice calling, video chat, and more. With 300 million (and counting) active WeChat users and its eCommerce capabilities; businesses in China cannot afford to not use it for their digital marketing initiatives. But to do so, it is important to hire an experienced WeChat marketing agency.

Here are five reasons to hire a WeChat marketing agency.

For Regional Knowledge

Every market is different; so are consumer spending habits. A WeChat marketing agency will have the knowledge to create the right strategies for your business. WeChat marketing requires producing and sharing a lot of content relevant to the local population. You also need to share the content at the right time as per the work schedules of the Chinese users. The content needs to be a mix of text, images, and videos; and must be produced consistently.

All this is only possible to do successfully with the help of professionals who are well-versed with the regional markets.

For Experience

In order to market your products on the WeChat platform, businesses require opening their official accounts. Businesses also need to acquire the necessary licenses to sell their products or services on WeChat. All these tasks are best handled by professionals with experience in dealing with WeChat marketing and its regulations.

An experienced WeChat marketing agency will also know how best to leverage the platform for your business category. Your business may do well by working with KOPs or Key Opinion Leaders (as social media influencers in China are referred to as) instead of email marketing. The content you produce for WeChat must also be relevant to your Chinese customers and help you get new leads. All this is not possible without professional experience.

For Access to Local Resources

Experienced WeChat marketing agencies will have contacts with the KOPs who will be helpful for your business. They will know who to approach and how.

They will know how to leverage the WeChat platform by partnering up with local merchant for marketing using QR codes. They will know how to get you the required licenses and anything else necessary for WeChat marketing.

For Saving Time

With the right approaches for licensing and resources required for WeChat marketing, professionals can save you valuable time. When you are operating a business in China, you don’t have the luxury to second guess your marketing efforts due to its high competition. With the right strategies in place, a WeChat marketing agency can produce high-quality work straight away.

You may even want to handle WeChat marketing for your business by yourself or with the help of an in-house team. But for this to work, you will need to gain expertise for the task. Gaining expertise requires research, extensive studies, and at least some amount of experience working on the platform.

When it comes to your in-house team, you will need to hire content experts, marketing professionals, and other professionals well-versed with the WeChat platform. All this will require you to spend time – be it gaining the expertise or putting the best in-house team in place; all without any guarantees. You can instead hire an expert and experienced digital marketing agency to save your valuable time and focus it on expanding your business.

For Maximizing Digital Marketing ROI

It can take some time for digital marketing efforts to show results. So, they will be optimal or not; you will only find out after some time has passed. But less-than-ideal results can affect your business adversely.

An experienced WeChat marketing agency will know to create the right strategies for your business to get the optimal results right away. The expert team at the agency will also know to quickly tweak the marketing plans in case something might not be working due to any number of reasons such as if the credibility of a KOP is affected or if a certain merchant partnership might not be working as expected. They can also consistently produce new creative content required for WeChat marketing. All these efforts produce the right results with the optimal return on investment (ROI).