Four Reasons to Use Grand Opening Banners

For a new business, the grand opening is a very important event. It is critical to start out on the right path. If you can let the public know about your grand opening, it can bring excitement, attention, and revenue to your business.

But if people are not aware that there will be a grand opening, they will not attend. Imagine the terrible situation where you prepare for a grand opening and there are not many customers.

Staging a grand opening for your business need not be a troublesome experience. Banners for grand opening are an effective way to avoid the dreaded no show.

Banners exist as one of the earliest forms of advertising. Though the printing technology has changed and the banner making process has become faster and the print more durable, the concept is time-honored. Making customized grand opening banners to announce a location opening is a traditional way to bring in customers.

Here are four top reasons why you should use grand opening banners:

  1. Grand opening banners help your business stand out

A new business needs to grab attention. Grand opening banners do exactly that. They inform passersby of the time when your business will be open to the public. And since grand opening banners hang for a while before a grand opening, people are likely to pass by multiple times. This builds on the impact.

The more eye-catching the grand opening banners, the more the number of people who will remember the date and show up for the grand opening. The smartest people are always looking to engage with something new. Grand opening banners are one of the tried and tested marketing strategies to ensure that your grand opening event is successful.

  1. Grand opening banners help you connect with locals

Breaking into the local market can be difficult. In an area of high saturation for a business, a new business has to inform the local population that they are offering something that others are not offering. In a low saturation area, a new business has to inform the local population about the value of its offerings. All these things can be done with grand opening banners. Say, for example, a business can get grand opening banners designed in such a way as to inform that there will be a 25% discount on select items on the grand opening day.

Grand opening banners provide you with opportunities to inform the local people about your business and the products and services you intend to sell. Unlike direct mail and television commercials, banners for grand opening engage the local audience as a whole instead of individually. Grand opening banners announce unequivocally that you have arrived.

  1. Grand opening banners are easy to manage

One of the best things about grand opening banners is that they are easy to hang and takedown. This means that you will not need much time to get them out and ready for your grand opening. Most grand opening banners have grommets or pole pockets pre-installed, so you can string up your banner however you want. You will be able to have them hung within an hour. Taking down is also easy. Within a few minutes, you can untie the ropes or unhook the bungee cords, roll up the banner and be on your way.

Also, it is easier to print grand opening banners than to have a pylon sign or a monument sign professionally installed. Grand opening banners can be designed and fabricated fairly quickly. Most banner making companies have a graphics department to take care of such aspects.

  1. Grand opening banners are inexpensive and durable

Grand opening banners are among the most affordable ways to advertise your business. The budget required can be less than one-third of a pay per click (PPC) campaign. Even if you place a large and attractive sign on the exterior of your storefront, it will not cost you a lot.

Grand opening banners can withstand strong winds, UV rays, and heavy rains for prolonged periods. You can expect these banners to last at least 2 to 6 years before they begin to fade.

Is there anything more you want to know about banners for the grand opening?