Hand Addressed Envelopes – Grab Attention of Your Customers

Do you remember when last you wrote a hand-written letter?

Do you remember when last you received a hand-addressed envelope, a handwritten letter or a card with genuine handwriting?

It is almost extinct and hard to find these days in our mailboxes. However, this claims to be one of the most effective marketing tools.

With so much buzz in the marketplace, it is tough to reach your target audience. Customers are often showered with emails, voicemails, blogs, podcast, radio ads, print ads and various other messages which seem boring.

So, how will you make your business stand out from the crowd?

How are you going to make your organization memorable with unique marketing efforts?

To grab attention, build customer loyalty and improve your ROI, you could consider an envelope addressing service as part of your direct mail marketing strategy.

Hand Addressed Envelopes - Grab Attention of Your Customers

Here are some of the popular reasons why you should use real handwriting in your next marketing plan.

The Best Way to Save Your Mails from Seeing the “Trash”

If you send a mail, you will likely spend a lot of time to create the perfect message. But, if your letter sees the trash before it is even opened, the letter will become useless.

To increase the chances of someone opening your envelope, actually write the address on the envelope. Real handwriting has become less prevalent in the digital age, so a handwritten envelope is sure to grab the attention of your customers and it increases the chances of them opening the mail by 300%.

Tell the Customers How Important They Are

When someone pulls out a card from his or her mailbox, it is sure to make that person feel special. Real handwriting further makes your customer know that they are important to your business.

Simply sharing a laser printer name from the database fails to work compared to real handwriting. A handwritten letter shows that you have taken the time to pick up a pen to write the customer’s personal information.

Give More than What Your Customer Expects

Real handwritten mail is a genuine surprise for a customer, as it shows how much you value him or her. Chances are that your competitors might not use real handwriting in their marketing campaigns and some might even rely on email or bulk mail.

However, you can be a little warmer in your approach by sending personal handwritten messages to your targeted audience.

Spend Money Wisely in Your Marketing Plans

There are many ways to spend millions of dollars on marketing. So, the challenge lies in using the marketing mix that generates results without breaking the bank.

That is why handwritten mail is one of the most effective marketing tools; it can increase the chances of your mail being opened and read by a larger percentage of people. Direct mail responses are also higher which means the ROI will be greater.

Stand Out from the Crowd on Holidays and Special Occasions

Do you not think that it is fun to address your customers on their birthdays?

The minute they see the card, they know that it is meant for them. Special occasions are thus the best way to connect with your customers.

If you are able to keep a tab on your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion, you should consider sending them a handwritten card.

For example, if a customer has used your service one year ago. The perfect way to send him or her a reminder is by dropping a handwritten card.

Even during the holidays, such as on thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Easter or Women’s Day, a handwritten card would be preferred by your customers.

It has that personal touch which other marketing strategies (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing_strategy) miss out on. People everywhere feel great when they learn that they are more than just a name on your database.

So, are you ready to add new color to your marketing plan? Do you want to reach more customers and increase the chance of your mail being opened by 300%? Well, then pick up a pen and personalize the mail you send out with real handwriting. It will grab your customers’ attention faster than emails or bulk mail and will improve your marketing chances dramatically, since it is more personal.