Staying Creative by Following an SEO-Driven Content Strategy

Many English and Humanities graduates never thought they would be writing about ‘Data Structures’ or ‘Top SEO Analytics Tools’ when publishing their articles. However, there are ways to stay creative, even within a primarily SEO driven strategy. Let us dive into some of the steps where, as a content writer of an SEO company Houston, you do not have to sacrifice your creative freedom for organic growth. 

Enlisting the help of experts for sparking creativity while making sure the posts are still keyword-driven

A few days back, a writer has penned a post on first versus third party APIs. Although he wrote it well, due to lack of software knowledge, he could not able to articulate the way he wished to. He was not impressed with the write up due to lack of grasping the concept thoroughly, and if a marketer reads it, they will not be learning much. So, he consulted a few IT specialists at his organization and discussed with two developer support specialists. The writer gathered quotes from the experts in the field, drafted a fresh post that makes sense to him as well as the specialists and published it. 

The point is if a topic seems daunting to you and not feeling comfortable to write, please do not hesitate to reach out to the experts. Their passion for the subject will inspire you to write from a more human angle. It is essential to keep in mind that keyword-driven content leaves enough room to angle the article in several exciting directions as long as the insight you are providing is same with the intent of the keyword you plan to target. 

Using multimedia to give a new twist to the old content

If you are unable to write any dry topic assigned by your SEO company in Houston, unleash your creativity by adding multimedia elements like images, YouTube videos, graphs, or podcasts to get new traffic opportunities and generating image traffic through the SERPs. The various designs will help in staying engaged when writing the piece and can help your post on rank on search engines, as they prefer multimedia components like video or images. For example, you can embed a video in ‘Tips to Create a Well-Written Introduction with an Example’. Readers can both the option of reading the post as well as watch the discussion. 

Interviewing leaders from several industries and telling their stories

You can talk to industry leaders for synthesizing complex psychological problems and translate them into tactical strategies for marketers that allow stretching your creative muscle. It is best to interview experts over the phone or through the mail and uses their ideas in creating coherent, meaningful narratives. For example, if you need to create content for e-commerce sites, try to connect with an e-commerce consultant to get quotes about the future of the industry. It is vital to consider whom you are interested in interacting with and how the expert’s inputs will align with your target audience and brainstorm ideas from there.