The Benefits of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the best way to get a product to the international market place almost instantaneously. Whether a product is old and trusted or brand new, a firm specializing in selling products to international markets using direct response marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to go. If you’re not sure what direct marketing is think of “As Seen on TV,” and the two-minute infomercials that are becoming more common than the half-hour commercials.

Let’s say you’re a big business with a product that you have had major success selling within the United States, or are an inventor who just created the latest kitchen gadget and it’s selling like wildfire. Of course you want to get your product to the homes in Europe because you know they could definitely benefit from it too. You have your campaign all ready to go, but then what? How are you going to go about launching your direct marketing campaign? Although it seems like it should be relatively easy to successfully sell to the market overseas, it actually isn’t that easy. Although Europeans are known for being more open-minded than people in the U.S., they are more cautious when it comes to buying products from a different continent. Because they think they don’t need the same products because of cultural differences.


An American direct marketing campaign in Germany for example, isn’t received with open arms. What you need to hire is a direct marketing company with a solid background and established name that focuses solely on international product campaigns. They have done all the grunt work, and know what works and what doesn’t. As well, they have strong retail relationships internationally which means they have also cover a lot of markets.

Benefits of using a Trusted Direct Marketing Company For International Product Campaigns

•    They focus on international product campaigns.

•    An American based firm has connections in the United States to help with preparing the campaign if the client does not have it finalized.

•    There is a low-risk option for suppliers.

•    They are often small companies so you always know who you will be dealing with, making it easier to build and nurture a relationship with them.

•    They understand the only goal of their clients is to sell their product, and so do they.

•    They take away the stress and uncertainty of researching international markets, navigating through them, and making a connection.

•    They know who is trustworthy in the marketplace, which takes away the threat of someone knocking off the product.

It’s important to note that while some international distribution direct marketing firms claim they cover a substantial market internationally, this is not always the case. Sometimes, because they are successful selling to a small market, they believe they’re proficient at selling overseas. As a result, you want to make sure they cover at least 50 markets.

Direct marketing is the best way to get products, new and established, to the people living overseas that can benefit the most from them. A firm specializing in direct response advertising, with an international market knows how to do this efficiently.