The Importance of a Video Marketing Strategy

According to a report by Techcrunch, people across the world watch nearly one billion hours of videos on YouTube every day. These statistics are not at all surprising, as videos are always dominating the digital marketing world for quite a while now. It is already mentioned that video marketing popularity will enhance over the coming years. That is why it is significant to hire the best video marketing agency to include video distribution in different platforms through digital marketing techniques.

Different Varieties of Videos to Implement

There are a variety of videos that digital video marketers can use to promote a company, product, or service. Below we have shared some of the most successful video formats you can include in your digital marketing processes.

• Interview Videos

These videos include content about a short interview with the company employee, to give an inside business view while maintaining the professionalism level.

• Live Facebook Videos

This kind of video gets the unedited and raw view of the business the company wants to display on this popular social media platform. In Facebook lives, clients or viewers can also directly react and comment on the video in real-time.

• Informational video with live animation

It is the most common type found in the digital marketing process. It includes all the primary statistics about the business while displaying short video clips or stylish photos, together with playful transitions and funny graphics.

• Explanation videos

This video assists the people to know more about the products and services with proper instructions to use, other applications, and customer service activities.

• Demo and product review videos

The company brand ambassadors can make the demo and product review videos in exchange for the free products. If you have anyone from the industry who wants to boost their social following, this can be one of the best ways to get free advertisement for your company. Product review videos include lots of comments and engagement and act as a type of market research.

Importance of Video Marketing Strategies

There are thousands of reasons why a digital marketer will create videos, but some of the most impressive ones that demonstrate the significance of the video marketing strategies are as follows.

• Search Engine Optimization

According to Cisco, nearly 80% of the organic traffic will be due to the videos by the end of this year. Search engines consider videos a high standard content, thus implementing videos on your home page or the main pages might work wonders for Search Engine Optimization. It is only applicable if the video is optimized properly, which means including suitable meta description, keywords, and a title.

• Getting Personal

Cisco has also stated that live videos will be responsible for almost 13% of the total traffic. Thus if you are a digital marketing executive, you need to know how to produce videos and optimize them accordingly. Snapchat and Instagram stories are perfect to offer short glimpses of what you are up to by using your creative tools. The most interesting thing about these videos is they will be live only for a day to give the viewers the feeling of real-time. It also provides the Video Marketing Agency to create ads primarily focused on time-sensitive endorsements.

• Educating and Informing

97% of the digital marketers claim that the videos help their audiences to understand any product better. The customers are nowadays doing a quick search to find out the finest products in the neighborhood. Here they can order them online whenever they want. To end this approach, most marketers require approaching the audiences with a value-dependent offer in place of sale. Videos also help the customers to get a close look at the services, products, or a person.

• Remain Competitive

81% of the business all around the world is implementing videos for digital marketing purposes. Videos are perfect for getting outstanding messages. If you think about the practicality, unique, short, and well-explained videos can create a lot of difference. It is especially applicable when it comes to the question of educating audiences on the pros and cons of a product or the services.

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