Top Three Frequently Asked Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

No matter which marketing position you are interviewing for, there are some questions that are standard in marketing job interviews. Here are the top 10 frequently asked marketing interview questions and answers that should be part of all marketing position interviews.

1. What Are the Seven Important P’s of the Marketing Mix?

It is one of the fundamental questions in marketing interviews. The right answer is the 7P formula includes product, promotion, price, packaging, place, positioning, and people. Since the products, people, and market change rapidly, marketers need to revisit the 7P formula every time he/she develops a marketing strategy. This is necessary to ensure the marketing campaign is on the right track and can achieve maximum results in current market conditions.

2. What Are the Essential Elements of a Marketing Campaign?

Success in marketing campaigns is not achieved accidentally; it needs time, attention and most importantly planning. The five key components of a marketing campaign are:

The audience – Before deciding any marketing strategy for the campaign; the marketer needs to first decide whom he/she is marketing to. This is important to ensure everything is geared towards target customer.

The content – Once marketers have identified the ideal customer, they can start creating content for their target audience like written content (blogs posts, press releases report, or social media post), images (an Infographic or meme), or a video.

The Offer – The content may not promote the business but an offer will. The offer might not be a hard sell but something free to capture customer data like demographics or email addresses.

The promotion and distribution – After marketer has provided content and the offer, it’s time for promotion and distribution. In simple words, it is offering more relevant and valuable information to target customers. People who need the product will consume information and try to connect to business

Follow-up – After marketers have provided content and offer to the customer, they have to use the email address provided by the customer to nurture the leads. They have to continue providing valuable information to the prospective customer that will help in increasing credibility and building trust.

The candidate should be able to explain each element of a marketing campaign in detail and also share different ideas and ways to nurture leads.

3. How Do You Measure the Impact of a Marketing Campaign?

There is no doubt marketing is one of the biggest expenditures for any organization, and the candidate should know the critical KPIs to track the impact of the marketing campaign. Hence this is one of the frequently asked marketing interview questions and answers. Here are six key metrics that a marketer needs to consider.

Traffic Generation – The number of visits to your website would give you a bird’s-eye view of how well the campaign has worked to drive traffic to the company’s website.

New Visitors – There are several analytical tools that will help find a number of new visitors and repeat visitors. If the campaign is not attracting new visitors, the marketer needs to make some adjustments to the strategy. If the new visitors are leaving without any interactions, the marketer needs to review target customer target profiling and make an adjustment to outreach strategies.

Repeat Visitors – If users browse through your website but do not return, the marketer has to make adjustments to keywords used, website design, and relevance.

Traffic Sources – The marketer needs to find out where the traffic is originating from. The information can be used to determine which marketing channels are not effective.

Click-Thru Rate – If the marketer has used display advertising, the click-through rate is an important metric to measure the impact of the campaign.

Conversion Rate – This is one of the important metrics that might not be necessarily a sale. Increase in the interaction between customer and business can be considered a successful conversion.

The marketing interview questions and answers above have a common theme and will help you know how much the candidates know about the marketing basics and core processes involved in their job.

Do you know any other frequently asked marketing interview question? Please feel free to comment.