WeChat Marketing: Effective Strategies for Your Brands

Since inception, in the last couple of years, with its global standard business policies, WeChat has come up being the fastest growing Chinese Social media channels with nearly a billion of users. Unlike many western social communication channels, the ever sprouting features of WeChat now enable its users to book a taxi, check weather, buy tickets, make video calls, order foods, transfer money, share documents, joining in group events and more. And finally, with the addition of e-wallet services it has become the most demanding social channels to do anything and everything merely beyond of using it as a messaging services tool. Being a smart tech-savvy businessperson, just imagine the high potential of fully geared-up WeChat Marketing to grip a rewarding market share in the World richest Chinese digital market hub.

Six Most Effective WeChat Marketing Strategies

Make Best Use of QR Code

In order to bring increasing number of followers onto WeChat marketing account, a great way is to make it embedded with QR Code. Now almost brands have started using QR Codes on product packaging, campaigning means, and all promotional tools. This attracts users to scan it to know more about offers, discounts, lucky draws, promotional bonus, WiFi pass etc. The moment it’s scanned, they become valued members and track the shared contents. Apart from making your QR code in typical black and white, through customization you can make it more noteworthy to fans while scanning of the QR boosts the visibility of your product to potential consumers.

Post Readers Engaging Quality Content

The effectiveness of WeChat marketing depends fundamentally how the posting can fuel the desire of customers to share your content. To make it a successful drive, consider adding the most essential ingredients like:

• It should be unique and outstanding in the mass;

• Should include appealing with entertaining topics;

• Must be informative, creative so that users feel interest to read and share amid their likeminded in the chain; (include images, embedded videos, etc).

• Use awesome headlines to arouse curiosity;

• Posting like ‘know-how’, ‘how-to’ or Q&A sections are great ideas since that help find customers solutions;

• Maintain the style and topic of contents that can reverberate the target audience; Posting content in timely manner is most essential to make them effective;

Find Your Target Audience

Once you’re operational with you WeChat account, it’s the high time for you to identify your target market. Spend considerable time in research and hire a China digital marketing agency specialized in WeChat marketing who is operational in china for quite a good time and well-versed about the market, consumer behavior, and likings. Unsurprisingly, whichever product or service you deal in, as the market should know about your presence through WeChat marketing, uniformly, your business needs to recognize which groups or what accounts are most potential to show interest in your product as well as offerings.

Notably, unlike Weibo, WeChat is closed platform and restricts its followers from communicating with users who are not connected (similar to Twitter, Facebook etc). Consequently, brands and companies posted on WeChat get position to specific audience who are engaged with extended follower chain and not to common people. This makes the marketing strategy more specific to become a hit.

Initiate Engaging Campaigns on WeChat

A wonderful market building strategy is arranging social engagement programs through WeChat platform, given that, Chinese community, especially the new generation love joining this sort of programs. Online events like polls, quizzes, games, or Q&A sessions are likely to boom your marketing endeavor. Continuous interaction and admiration of opinions through special posting can connect more followers and lead to sales.

Promote WeChat Account in Parallel Platforms

The whole objective of WeChat marketing strategy is having increased discoverability of your company/product profile. Target other social media platforms working in china with larger base and market recognition. By promoting your WeChat account in its comparable social platforms like Weibo, you can unquestionably drive potential traffic to your WeChat account. Never forget to use your QR code on every social channel.

Initiate Loyalty Programs

Gaining customer loyalty is a grand marketing strategy that helps locate the most potential consumers and accordingly initiate promotional endeavors to make them your regular customers. WeChat marketing enables business or brands to transform their followers into long-term members through varied loyalty program as under:

 Offering VIP cards through its app;

 Giving e-coupons which can be exchanged in big stores;

 Communicating promotions;

 Granting free gifts;

 Recognition mails;