What are the Four Types of Weibo Ads?

Weibo is one of the most lucrative platforms for advertising in China. With over 521 million monthly active users, the app offers unprecedented marketing opportunities.

It can create colossal exposure for your brand with numerous advertising options that you can choose from. The app allows you to select your targeted audience to increases the efficacy of your marketing efforts and focus on the targeted demographic.

If you have a clear understanding of your company’s goals and objective, you can get the maximum returns from Weibo Advertising. Weibo can help you build an online clientele that you can interact with.

There are four types of Weibo Advertising strategies that you can choose. Let us discuss them in detail so that you can decide which strategy can help you get maximum returns on your Investment.

  1. Display Adverts

Display adverts have been there for quite some time now and are efficient in grabbing customer attention. It is an open-screen advertisement. As soon as the user opens the app, they can see the advert on their screen.

The banner can be accessed in various dimensions and is responsive enough to adjust to web page versions and mobile devices. The Display adverts catch user attention instantly, and the retention value of these adverts is also very high.

Once the user clicks on the advert, they are directed to the home page of an advertiser. The display banners work on push technology which means they have a 100% arrival rate.

The pricing for the adverts depends on the dimensions, page placement, and keywords. The use of keywords allows you to select your target audience.

  1. Weibo search engine promotion

Another popular method to advertise on Weibo is search engine promotion. Unlike display advert, it gathers an audience for your Weibo account.

Weibo has an advanced search feature that allows its users to search for pages, accounts, and posts. The search bar is preloaded with hot and trending topics and keywords. Most people on Weibo are interested in these trending results, which increase user attention and interest.

The strategy for search engine promotion is similar to google search. It can increase the traffic to your account. The pricing for search engine promotion depends on the popularity and competition of chosen keywords.

Weibo search engine promotion is great for your visibility and brand reputation.

  1. Fan headline

A fan headline is the fastest way of enhancing the exposure of your account and post, based on daily updates and the social network of your target audience. The promoted post appears on top of the user’s feed within 24 hours and has a vast reach.

The three types of Fan Headlines on Weibo are:

Fan headline for posts

If you want your post to be seen by a large number of people, you can use Weibo Fan Headlines for posts. You can promote your post to not only your existing followers but your potential followers based on the relationship of original followers, interest, and industries.

Fan headlines for others’ posts.

It is similar to the previous method except that you promote other people’s posts and not your own. The promoted post of another account appears on top of your follower’s feed.

Fan headline for accounts

In this method, your account is recommended to Weibo users for a limited period of 72 hours. The target audience includes people who are most likely to follow you.

  1. Fan tunnel

Fan tunnel advertising is another popular advertising method on Weibo. It is one of the focused and effective ways to reach potential customers and followers.

The method is similar to Fan headlines as it promotes Weibo accounts and specific posts. With this technique, you can target the entire Weibo community and not just your followers.

The method works exceptionally well for new brands that do not have a large number of followers. The promoted accounts and posts will appear on top of your targeted audience’s feed. You can define your target audience based on gender, age, location, interests, etc. You can also select relevant accounts to target their audience.

These are four types of advertising methods on Weibo. Now that you are aware of these adverts you can choose the one that suits your brand needs.