What to Consider When Choosing a Voice Marketing Agency

When new technology trends appear, you have to be ready to jump on board when it comes to utilizing them to expand the reach of your brand and business. Voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home have opened up a new arena for advertising your business and driving customers to your products and services. These devices can be used all over people’s homes, or even their cars, or smartphones, but how can your brand benefit from them? A voice marketing agency specializes in getting your brand noticed on these new voice-activated devices, giving your brand a more literal voice than ever before.

What should you look for when deciding which voice marketing agency to choose for your brand on these new voice-enabled platforms?

An Understanding of the Latest Voice-Enabled Technology

It may seem obvious, but one of the main points to consider when choosing a voice marketing agency is that the agencies you are considering fully understand the voice-enabled marketing concepts. As voice-enabled devices such as smart speaker become more and more ubiquitous in homes, a voice marketing agency needs to know how to develop voice-specific marketing methodologies and skill sets in order to properly interpret the needs of the customer. Voice isn’t the same as text, when a person is speaking to a voice-enabled device, they will use more natural sentences, so the AI deciphering the command needs to first understand context, then it can be passed on to be interpreted properly, giving the user the information they need about your products and services.

Experience in Brand Voice Marketing

Voice-enabled devices offer a new experience for users and how they interact with marketing and brands. A voice marketing agency you are considering needs experience in developing a brand voice; the way that your brand connects and expresses itself to customers. With a literal voice now speaking about your brand to a potential customer, the agency will need to know how to craft the right way for it to speak to them that will properly represent your company. What do you want the voice to say about your company?


Like standard marketing agencies, a voice marketing agency needs to be flexible. Every company has its own brand voice, and marketing strategies, so when expanding your strategy into the voice-enabled device market, you’ll need a unique plan, and the voice marketing agency needs to cater to your company specifically.


Communication is key when it comes to hiring an agency to work with you to improve your marketing strategy, and that is no different with a voice marketing agency. When considering an agency, keep track of how prompt they are when replying, and if they are using the same point of contact each time. Ask who will be communicating directly with you, and what methods of communication are best. You can inquire about how often they will be giving you status reports too.