Why Social Media Marketing is The Heart of Digital Marketing?

According to Statista, China has the largest online community in the world and the Chinese Internet population stood at 840 million last year. Also, China has the biggest social media market and social media sites like WeChat and Weibo attract millions of users every day.

A good digital marketing strategy is important to reach Chinese consumers and it cannot be complete without social media advertising in China. Below are several reasons why.

To Create Brand Awareness

Creating a social media profile of your brand on popular social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat is the first step towards success. WeChat is the biggest social media platform in China with more than a billion monthly active users. Given the fact that WeChat’s user base is heavily concentrated in China, the presence of your brand on WeChat would result in good brand exposure and bring your brand closer to the Chinese audience.

Chinese consumers don’t just buy online; they also value the shopping experiences that come with it. In simple words, Chinese consumers will look for reviews and recommendations on social media platforms before making purchases.

WeChat also offers a store add-on that can be integrated with your official WeChat account and use it to showcase your products and services. This is a great way to engage customers and draw their attention.


Marketing costs on Chinese social media platforms are comparatively lower than other platforms. The paid advertising costs on the Baidu search engine range from $1 per click to $20 per click for competitive niches. Also, you need to deposit a minimum initial ad credit deposit of $2000 to kick-start your paid ad campaign on Baidu.

On the other hand, the marketing costs on WeChat and Weibo are comparatively lower and might provide you a higher return on your investment. A WeChat paid KOL campaign can cost $49.86 per 1000 reads while a Weibo paid KOL campaign would cost around $11.09 per 1000 impressions.

Create Brand Loyalty

Your online presence would bring back customers and generate revenue but businesses want more than that. There is no doubt WeChat and Weibo would provide brand exposure and bring in customers. Besides that, WeChat and Weibo can also help you create brand loyalty that will ensure repeat customers.

WeChat offers several tools to improve customer communication that is the first step towards building brand loyalty. Businesses can post useful topics for customers that will help customers know more about your business and help build trust. WeChat also allows businesses to set up a third-party evaluation for its products that allows consumers to evaluate the product and share their feeling with other customers using the same brand.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. You cannot build brand loyalty without achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Chinese consumers see social media platforms as direct channels of communication with businesses. For example, Chinese consumers can get personal replies to their queries and comment from the brands they follow.

Chinese consumers appreciate the fact that brands value them and took time to reply which is perceived in a positive light. The use of Social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo is not limited to product launch platforms but brands can use these platforms to create a voice for their company and listen to customer voice which improves customer satisfaction. 

Understanding Market

Understanding the market is crucial for any brand to succeed. Social media platforms like WeChat allow consumers to do everything. According to a survey, Chinese netizens spend around 3 hours every day on social media apps. WeChat offers much functionality that pushes the customer relationship to the maximum.

WeChat offers many data gathering tools that help understand the market and customer preferences in a better way. For example, WeChat CRM can collect data for each interaction with a brand that can be used to understand the market and consumer trends. Digital marketing is all about communication and social media platforms are the best communication platforms available for businesses. This is the primary reason why social media marketing is considered the heart of digital marketing. And without doing social media advertising in China, you cannot reap the benefits. So what are you waiting for?