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How can Print and Mail Service Help Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Print and mail services offer that much needed authenticity to the mails you send out to your target audiences. Even in direct mails, there is a threat of mails going straight to trash box which no marketer or business wants.  Every business wants the recipient to open and read the message contained in the mail, in fact, they want the reader to take the necessary action, as well!

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Using Custom Postcards to Advertise Your Business

Direct mail marketing is still going strong in this digital era. With the majority of the businesses getting attracted towards digital marketing, there is less competition in direct mail which helps your business stand out. As per CMO Council statistics, 54% postcards are read by recipients. Thus, there is no doubt custom postcards can bring in good business when used with a good mailing list.

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Hand Addressed Envelopes – Grab Attention of Your Customers

Do you remember when last you wrote a hand-written letter?

Do you remember when last you received a hand-addressed envelope, a handwritten letter or a card with genuine handwriting?

It is almost extinct and hard to find these days in our mailboxes. However, this claims to be one of the most effective marketing tools.

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Why You Should Be Taking Advantage of Direct Mail Services

Be focused towards the direct mailing needs & services that your organization demands! Services ranging from newsletter printing to direct mailers for fundraising, now a days there are well developed with direct mailing services. Why do your own particular printing and mailing, go ahead and take the advantage of these expert services and save your precious money & treasured time. Take the benefit from the low cost printing and mailing administrations that can easily handle regular direct mail requirements. Fruitful fundraising mailers, is based on the establishment of testing and measuring. In the event that you need to convey a certain letter to 100,000 prospects, first test the letter on 5,000 prospects arbitrarily. In the event that it is beneficial in the test, it will probably be productive for the entire rundown.

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The Benefits of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the best way to get a product to the international market place almost instantaneously. Whether a product is old and trusted or brand new, a firm specializing in selling products to international markets using direct response marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to go. If you’re not sure what direct marketing is think of “As Seen on TV,” and the two-minute infomercials that are becoming more common than the half-hour commercials.

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Non-Profits: How to Raise Funds with Direct Mail

Francis Andrews in his book “Billions by Mail,” summarizes the power of direct mail by saying that the only way to get consistent donations over a long period is to acquire, cultivate, and renew donors using the direct mail method. Well, true, direct mail is the king of fundraising activities for many organizations, especially for non-profits.

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Hire a Direct Marketing Company

Despite the fact that it’s been given a bad reputation over the years because of dinner-time telemarketer phone calls and emails sent five times a day, direct marketing can be beneficial for many companies. It is sometimes considered a controversial sales method because the direct contact between potential customers and a company can be tiresome for both parties. This is what makes a direct marketing company so important; it has the tools and knowledge to plan and execute direct marketing methods that are less intrusive for potential customers, but still successful for businesses.

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