Four Reasons to Use a Digital Marketing Agency

The rising income per capita, changing demographics, increased consumer spending has made the China market attractive to Western businesses. But whether you operate in healthcare, eCommerce, or retail, there are significant challenges to overcome to achieve a measurable ROI in your online marketing initiatives in China. You need the help of China digital marketing agency ( agency). Here’s why.

1.     Cultural Knowledge

Cultural factors in China and western countries are so different that they could affect the success of your business. They act like individual barriers that every business needs to overcome. When entering the Chinese market, western companies need to understand they are operating in a different cultural environment.

The communication norms, perception of customers, values, and other aspects cannot be compared to their respective country’s counterparts. Since the cultural aspects cannot be quantified or measured, their impact may go unnoticed. A thesis shows many foreign companies fail in the Chinese market due to their unwillingness to adapt their marketing strategy to the Chinese cultural environment. I

To implement marketing strategies successfully, western companies need to learn about Chinese culture mindfully. A China marketing firm can help western companies get more familiar with Chinese culture. They can also provide useful advice for their marketing strategies.

2.     Digital Marketing Landscape of China

 The digital marketing landscape in China is different from the rest of the world. China has created an online environment where Chinese digital companies have thrived and there is no competition from established foreign players. Due to the uniqueness of the Chinese market and the role of government in monitoring online activities, China has created a wealth of bespoke online and social network platforms.

The “Great firewall of china” blocks foreign digital platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Here domestic platforms dominate. Here are some important facts about the digital marketing landscape in China.

·         Baidu is the largest search engine in China with more than 66% online search market share in China.

·         WeChat is a social media and multi-purpose messaging platform in China. It is a cross between Facebook and WhatsApp. WeChat has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Though the WeChat user base expands beyond China, its largest user base is in China with over 600 million users.

·         Weibo is a micro-blogging site just like Twitter. It is one of the biggest social media platforms in China with more than 445 million monthly active users.

Thus you can see to achieve success in the Chinese market; you need to have good knowledge about Chinese digital marketing platforms. These platforms do not support the English language. So you need to have good knowledge of the Mandarin language to create content and implement marketing strategies on these Chinese digital platforms.

You need an expert marketing partner like China digital marketing agency to navigate successfully through China’s unique digital marketing landscape

3.     Administration and Relevant Campaign Experience

Setting up accounts on Chinese digital marketing platforms can be a long and difficult process for Western companies. Marketing in China can be tricky as search engines and regulations are entirely different.

Aside from language barriers, Baidu has its regulations for setup. You need a business registration certificate to open a business account on Baidu.  Besides that, you also need to provide the following things

·         Screenshot of one of the company representatives’ passport

·         An authorization letter signed by the company representative

·         Latest bank statement

·         Photos of the entrance with the company’s logo and name

A local Chinese digital marketing agency is more likely to be aware of the updated rules and regulations related to registering your business entity on Chinese digital marketing platforms. Their assistance will not only cut the time but also make the registration process easy for you.

Chinese digital marketing platforms are diverse, segmented, and highly complex. For example, Tier-3 cities in China have registered the highest eCommerce growth in recent years. There are around 32 million buyers in tier-3 cities alone. Knowing such facts is crucial to develop a powerful marketing strategy to reach your target audience. It is more likely a leading China digital marketing agency knows all important facts crucial for a successful marketing strategy. So when do you plan to hire a China digital marketing agency?