Five Baidu SEM Tips from the Pros

To gain visibility in the competitive Chinese market, it is crucial to utilize search engine marketing (SEM) for Baidu – the country’s top search engine. Baidu SEM strategy requires a different set of tactics as it is a very difficult to get good rankings on it. China itself is a very competitive market where local brands are clamoring for attention in the sea of foreign companies attempting to get a footing in the country. Then there is competition from established local and global brands that hold a lot of sway on the consumers.

It is then essential to conquer visibility on Baidu otherwise your business can tank before you can say ‘float’.

Consider these five Baidu SEM tips to make it work for your business:

The Language and Cultural Factors

Baidu works in the Chinese language. For Baidu SEM, you will need to use keywords and create ads in the language that the website supports. You can’t simply use the same keywords that you have in English or other languages and translate them into Chinese. For effective Baidu SEM strategy, you will need to utilize the language expertise of nuanced marketers who have experience working in the Chinese territories.

You will also need to consider the local sensibilities to craft the keywords that make sense for the consumers in the Chinese market. The key searches might be different for the local markets. If you get the keywords wrong, then you are already on the wrong footing.

The use of language also needs to be right to create the ads for Baidu. So, it is crucial that you consider the language and cultural factors for an effective Baidu SEM strategy.

The Hosting Details

For a successful Baidu SEM campaign, it is crucial that you host your company’s website locally in China itself. It is an important consideration to find traction on Baidu as it supports websites that do not appear dubious or dodgy from foreign countries. The government regulations in China require greater control on servers to avoid problems that can arise through hate campaigns that can be spread via websites. If Baidu recognizes that a website is locally-hosted and is under government scrutiny, it won’t impede your performance on its pages.

The Tough Competition

Baidu allows multiple paid searches on its pages. It also allows the ads to have images. These factors increase the competition factor where each advertisement is fighting for attention in a very crowded page. It is therefore extremely tough to be visible on Baidu.

Not only you need compelling ad copies, you also need the right use of keywords. There is also greater competition on the Baidu pages as it allows companies to buy huge ad spaces using various keywords.

The Power of Baidu Shangqiao

Baidu Shangqiao is the chat tool of this search engine. You can utilize this chat tool with the SEM platform of Baidu. It will help you gather useful data on specific users. You can easily find out about the keywords used by different users as well as their specific locations. These keywords can help you refine or tweak your Baidu SEM campaign and help you get higher rankings on its pages. The chat tool can act as an analytic tool of sort as you will be able to see which keywords are used more and if you have used them in your Baidu SEM campaign.

The Special Baidu Approval

Baidu awards a ranking of 1, 2, or 3 with a ‘V’ symbol to display its level of trust for a website. If an ad gets the ranking of 3 then it means that Baidu considers it from a really trustworthy source. The approval number can help you get more clicks from visitors. It will also get you a higher ranking than other websites not fortunate enough to get any special approval.

If you follow Baidu SEM best practices, then you can automatically become a trusted website displayed on its pages. You can work with SEM experts for the Chinese territories to help you create and follow a robust strategy to become a trusted website for higher rankings on Baidu.