Lifecycle Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Reaching & Retaining Customers

Lifecycle Marketing

Marketing is about more than selling. A business or brand today does not just want to make a sale once and move on. When marketing today, a company or brand will use lifecycle marketing to build a relationship with the customer and work to keep that relationship as long as possible. Helping their clients keep the customers over the long term is what a lifecycle marketing agency does.

Lifecycle marketing can only work if the business cares completely about their customer and has a genuine understanding of the that target audience. A lifecycle marketing agency can help you to provide that customer with exactly what they need, want, and care about so that they can go from potential prospects to paying customers to loyal supporters who will bring more customers to you.

The three stages of lifecycle marketing

Lifecycle marketing has three basic stages. Within those stages, there are many areas where a lifecycle marketing agency can be of help.

Reach the customer – The first stage is to reach the customer and bring them to you. This happens through a targeted understanding of who the customer is. To reach them, a lifecycle marketing agency can take you where they are, help to engage with their interests, and recognize what they want. Then they attract them to you by offering valuable content in the form of blogs, social media posts, webinars, eBooks, and infographics. Once the customer sees that you are able to help or solve a specific problem for them, they are willing to be attracted and will provide you with their email address for more information.

Obtain the customer – Now that you have an email list of potential, interested customers, you can begin to engage them with the help of a lifecycle marketing agency. Keep the customers up to date with useful, personalized information on a regular schedule of blogs, special offers, and products by showing the customer how you are useful to them.

Retain the customer – The third stage shows the customer that you are always willing to be of value to them, and that you will be committed to the relationship that you are building with them. Show that you will offer more, do more to get to know them better, and meet their needs. In this way, the customer will be willing to speak for you and on your behalf. You have turned an interested potential customer into a loyal follower who is willing to help bring more customers to you. A lifecycle marketing agency can help.

What is different about lifecycle marketing?

Your customer base is not just purchasers anymore. Many of the most famous brands depend on their customers to help them spread their message and keep the customers engaged. To do this, your customer must see that you are willing to listen to their needs, and that you will give more and do more to become more valuable. The relationship that you have with your audience is of the greatest importance, and a lifecycle marketing agency can help you nurture that.

Why is it effective?

This may require a change in marketing strategy, but it will be worth it in the long term because the customers will be yours for the long term. Keep your customers longer and you will not have to spend to constantly acquire new customers. You will always be helpful to the customers, and they are helpful to you. They know what they want, lifecycle marketing agencies recommend, and by listening to them as they reach out to you, they will stay with you.

How can a lifestyle marketing agency help?

All of this isn’t as easy as it sounds, and a lifecycle marketing agency can help you. For one reason, this is not a simple strategy; it is a long-term strategy, and you do not just want to attract your customer; you want to wow that customer. In the beginning, an agency can help to better understand the demographics of your marketing campaign and help provide you with content, such as eBooks and research reports that the customer is needing.

Once you have your customer, the work doesn’t stop. It’s a cycle. The lifecycle marketing agency will help you keep up with the postings, the delivery, and the strategies for keeping their interests.