Services Provided by the Best eCommerce Agency

Are you planning on expanding your business in China? The country has become an attractive destination for foreign businesses, given the enormous potential of its eCommerce market. The largest in the world currently, with a $1.95 trillion volume, it also has some of the most visited online retailers in the world eCommerce landscape such as the Alibaba Group’s Tmall China, NetEase’s Kaola,, and Xiao Hong Shu.

Over 80% of the retail eCommerce sales come from e-shoppers who browse products on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices and use Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, and other mobile payment apps to make their purchases. Foreign luxury and branded items, especially high-fashion clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and household products, are very popular with Chinese consumers. The booming cross-border eCommerce sector offers plenty of scope for small and large foreign businesses.

They must, however, overcome linguistic and cultural issues that can often create roadblocks in doing business. Chinese is not an easy language to master and many small enterprises don’t have the budget to hire a multilingual staff. They can, however, benefit greatly from working with a China eCommerce agency.

Services provided by eCommerce agencies

Along with improving your business communications with much-needed Chinese language skills, such agencies can guide you in multiple ways. They can help you to navigate through the Chinese eCommerce space, to promote your brand to the right target audience, and to manage your marketing and advertising campaigns. Let’s look at some of the specific services that a China eCommerce agency can provide for your business.

It can help you plan your eCommerce strategy

The China eCommerce agency will discuss your business model and business goals with you to plan your marketplace entry. They will research your competitors in the industry as well as your target audience. By gathering and analyzing competitor and consumer insights, they will help you formulate a multi-channel eCommerce strategy.

It can design and set up your eCommerce website

While partnering with the big Chinese online retailers can help popularize your brand with local consumers, you also need to have your retail platform to distinguish your brand from your competitors and to sell your products directly to your customers. The China eCommerce agency will collect consumer data and use that information to come up with relevant user experience (UX) designs and to create a high-level user interface (UI). They will set up an eCommerce website and test it to make sure it is appealing and user friendly.

It can set up and operate your eCommerce store

It will assist you in designing, developing, and setting up your eCommerce store, and help with the management of the online store’s operations. The China eCommerce agency will also undertake the promotion of the store to bring in more traffic and new customers. Additionally, it will help with providing quick and reliable customer service, leading to more customer satisfaction and retention.

It can assist you with eCommerce marketing

The China eCommerce agency will handle search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing for your brand. It will build relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and key opinion consumers (KOCs) and get them to review and recommend your products to their followers. It will regularly audit your web analytics to monitor how much traffic you are getting, which content is getting the most clicks, which products are the most popular, and so on. The information will help you to refine your marketing strategy to increase your sales.

It can help develop cross-border eCommerce solutions

As the China eCommerce agency will have experience with B2C, B2B, and C2C international trade, they can help you with everything from acquiring a Chinese business license to organizing direct shipping to getting customs clearance. They can help you find trading opportunities with Tmall Global, JD Worldwide,, Pinduoduo, WeChat Stores, Kaola, and other cross border eCommerce platforms.

It can help integrate payment gateways

After browsing through your online store, Chinese customers will be more likely to buy your products if you have an easy to use payment system. By integrating payment systems that they are familiar with, such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay, you will see an increase in your sales revenue.