Things That You Need to Know About Baidu Advertising?

Top searches are conducted through Baidu in China, making it one of the country’s largest search engines. Although, Baidu advertising ( is different as compared to the advertising methods on Western sites, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are looking to expand within the Chinese market, go for Baidu to massive support for your online marketing part in China.

If you ask Chinese about Chinese people’s search engine, 8 out of 10 answers it as Baidu. It is the most famous search engine in China due to its high-efficiency, and it is well-designed. Moreover, Baidu is designed to involve a variety of functions but is not limited to search audio files and images. More About Baidu SEM (Baidu PPC):

More About Baidu Sem:

Baidu SEM or Baidu PPC (pay-per-click) is frequently observed as the part of search marketing that uses paid plans to attain visibility. The platform with which you get started with Baidu PPC is known as Phoenix Nest, which could be complex to set up compared to Google Ads. Phoenix Nest involves both the activities included with setting up and optimizing ads and setting a budget that will pay for the position of ads.

The price to open an account of Baidu PPC is 5,000 RMB. Once you have made the down payment, the funds can be viewed in the account balance to be used whenever you’d like for your PPC campaigns. Your advertisements’ cost depends on various factors such as bidding prices, how competitive your industry is, and how well you write your ads.

Baidu SEM Comprise Of Unique Strategies:

Initially, people used to think that the Google search engine thoroughly inspires Baidu. The rapid growth of Baidu SEM is the reason people started calling it China’s Google.

Baidu and Google have certain similarities, including the design of the interface, website tools. But still, they are entirely dissimilar. They have numerous vital variations, which makes them distinct on their part, specifically when you perform search engine marketing.

Comparing Baidu SEM and SEO:

There are a few things to observe when you are choosing a PPC or SEO campaign, and one of the primary things to think about is the frame of time of the campaign. PPC is customized to provide immediate exposure for your brand while exposure through SEO forms over time. If you want to accelerate the campaign’s process, then PPC will be the best option for you. It is also much simpler to estimate PPC ads since the feedback comes comparatively faster. SEO results are generally observed as a more reliable approach of the two. SEO results are probably the ones to get clicked on, and Chinese visitors tend to choose organic results.

Baidu SEO could be more useful for a long-term marketing strategy, but it might be challenging for the brand to attain exposure if you are in a recess market with well-known players. It could be tough to display your brand specifically if their ranking of authority is high. You might still be able to outrank player with a PPC campaign. For Baidu’s most effective marketing campaign, it is significant to combine the two approaches of using PPC campaigns and an effective strategy of SEO to get the highest exposure for the target viewers.

It Provides You a Business Shield:

People consider Baidu as an innovative tool, especially for advertisers, for avoiding invalid clicks. It is uniquely equipped with two different modes: automatic mode and manual mode. With these modes, the advertiser will have access to more appropriate and effective results. Besides, you can eliminate malicious clicks.

Distinct Bidding Strategy:

You will see Ads bidding as one of the most struggling challenges, especially when you are a marketer. With Baidu’s tool, the efficient and reliable system algorithm will help you reach the expected ranking by investing in the lowest CPC. Besides, to elevate the ranking as per competitive perspective towards a strong company, the tool will help you access the desired goals in minimal time.