Why an eSports Agency Matters to Your Marketing?

As trends and technology expands, there are ever more marketing and advertising opportunities for companies, brands, products, and services that can be taken advantage of to further growth. ESports agencies offer one such industry that many brands don’t even consider advertising what their company offers in, especially if their products aren’t directly video gaming related. However, the audience of eSports is huge worldwide, with the primary demographic being males between the age of twenty-one and thirty-five, which means that, if what your brand offers is of interest to that demographic, then there’s a huge market available for you to advertise to.

What are eSports?

Esports are essentially competitive events related to console, PC, and mobile gaming platforms. There are a wide variety of games that have come out in the last few decades that have offered means for people to be competitive, and with the expansion of live streaming online, eSports has skyrocketed in popularity. While many people prefer to play video games, when they are interested in competitive versus games, they often also enjoy watching professional players play at the peak of their talent and skills, just like traditional sports. Esports are organized as individuals for certain games, as well as teams for others. Advertising opportunities are available, through eSports agencies, in a wide variety of forms: you can choose to sponsor entire conventions, whole tournaments, specific matches, specific games, teams, or individual members and streamers. ESports is already a multi-billion-dollar market worldwide, and it is always expanding as more games and more people get interested in eSports. With so many options available, is it any wonder that hiring eSports agency matters in expanding your marketing to the eSports market?

Importance of eSports Marketing Agencies for Brands and Players

Advertising agencies have been around for almost as long as advertising has, and when new marketplaces open up, they are there as a guiding hand to companies to ensure their foray into the new marketplace is smooth and profitable. Esports marketing agencies are there to help their clients build connections throughout the market, and to help manage those connections to the benefit of everybody involved. The eSports audiences are very volatile and fickle; any misstep could lead to being forced out of the market for months or even years. As well, building relationships through sponsorships requires a certain level of expertise for crafting contracts that are beneficial for all involved in order to get the most return on investment for the advertiser, and to greatly interest the ones being sponsored.

Building Up Your Brand Reputation to eSports Audiences

Every game in the eSports market has almost a unique set of viewers, so a lot of research has to go into what the interests and sensibilities of each video game stream viewer is; the types of products and advertising methods that interest a League of Legends stream viewer could be vastly different from a CS:GO viewer, for example. This leads to difficulty in building up brand reputation with eSports audiences, knowing where a product is most going to be viewed positively, and the marketing methods that need to be employed for that audience. This is also a concern for the eSports player, and an eSports agency will work with players to find them the best sponsorships that match their personality, and viewership. ESports agency connections are a great asset to both the players and the advertisers, and they act as a middleman to build up connections that are beneficial to all parties and long lasting.

Understand Client Interactions in eSports

The interactions for eSports agency clients are numerous, and the most common one is the contract that is signed between the eSports player, team, game, or competitions, and the advertisers that want their products and services showcased. Legal contracts can get complicated, and having an expert middleman that can help both sides hammer out the contract is important. Contracts are full of legalese language, hidden loopholes, and other intricacies that an eSports agency is instrumental in navigating to help protect both the players and the advertisers, and to foster a positive relationship.

ESports Specific Marketing Knowledge

Many brands already have experience and knowledge about marketing, but eSports marketing is almost an entirely different beast when it comes to the volatility of audiences, and the differences between gaming viewerships. More importantly, though, eSports agencies are a necessity for any eSports player looking to gain sponsorships because a vast majority are not experienced in marketing, and they need someone to look out for their well-being when it comes to finding sponsors and protecting them from malicious contracts that are not beneficial. Success in the eSport market for everybody, from brands to individual players, can greatly benefit from marketing assistance, contract negotiation, and connection building, and an eSports agency is the best option for almost everybody involved.